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Album Art

2011-09-03 19:32:05 by Binaerpilot

Recently Binärpilot upgraded his website, including a new description in the Google search, a new font for the main page, rollover album art, and NEW ALBUM ART! The new album art applies to all releases pre-Defrag. I prefer to keep options open, and it is for this reason that I've compiled all of the Binärpilot album art into a .zip file (including the new/alternate art).

Download All the Binärpilot Album Art

Most files inside are .jpg's, with the exception of the B-Sides album art (a .gif and a .png).


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2011-09-04 01:22:37

why not just put it on the art portal instead of making us keep it on our hard drives?

Binaerpilot responds:

Good point, I'll do that instead.