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New Release: B-Sides!

2011-03-19 00:01:14 by Binaerpilot

Binärpilot's B-Sides is a collection of tracks made in-between albums. All were previously available to 'Superhero' members (those who have contributed to Binärpilot in some way). The tracks will be uploaded here on NG, else you can find them on the Binärpilot website. Track listing is as follows:
- Poky (Fo Rizzle)
- Battlestar II
- Oral 13
- Squeeze
- Ekko Jnks
- Rocket
- Cyborg T-Rex
- Planet Takers
- (My Fans Are) Superheroes

A story is being woven by Alexander Kramer,
Exaro, and CYBORG T-REX (formerly 'koew') over on
Tumblr, and it's coming along nicely. I can't spoil too much, but it was inspired by an idea of Exaro's along with Kramer's recent phase of admirance for steampunk. (This and the black and white 'Draw' feature of the Binärpilot forum turned into the B-sides coverart by Alex Kramer.)

Coverart can be found here, or the alternate coverart is here.


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