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Songs For Allan Turing

2013-02-15 00:14:47 by Binaerpilot

It's been a while since I've used Newgrounds, and I think it's probably about time I uploaded SFAT, Binärpilot's latest EP.

It was going to be a full-length album. Part 1 (of 3) was leaked to members on the forum, but over the next month the computer overrode the song data for the rest of the album. HDD crashed. 2 years of work lost.

All that remains are these three tracks from Part 1 (and an extra preview track; I'll ask Alexander if I'm allowed to upload it).

Sanzhi District
(Tehlirian WIP)

More info:

New Album

2012-03-10 22:29:18 by Binaerpilot

Binärpilot is making a new album! And it's going to be released sometime this year! All that's known so far is that it's going to be at least as good as Nordland, and that Binärpilot's playing with new ideas/emotions to put into his music. Check out the Facebook page for more updates (and a sick as preview of the track 'Tehlirian!')

Album Art

2011-09-03 19:32:05 by Binaerpilot

Recently Binärpilot upgraded his website, including a new description in the Google search, a new font for the main page, rollover album art, and NEW ALBUM ART! The new album art applies to all releases pre-Defrag. I prefer to keep options open, and it is for this reason that I've compiled all of the Binärpilot album art into a .zip file (including the new/alternate art).

Download All the Binärpilot Album Art

Most files inside are .jpg's, with the exception of the B-Sides album art (a .gif and a .png).


2011-04-21 04:43:07 by Binaerpilot

Almost done! Next albums up are:

Sickness Sessions - 7 Tracks
Remember C64? - 6 Tracks
Gunchip - 8 tracks

I'll also be uploading Elektronaut's contributions to Gunchip, which are just as awesome.

Old Albums

2011-04-03 02:46:24 by Binaerpilot

Now that I've finished uploading B-sides, I might as well give you an insight into the future. The next albums up will be:

Daft Trax 1900 - 9 tracks
Release #7 - 4 tracks
Futura Beats - 4 tracks
The Microbeats EP - 2 tracks
And also the track 'Thunderdays' from the Promo album


2011-03-24 05:34:10 by Binaerpilot

So, as with what going up here on NG, I'll be uploading the newer works first and the older stuff later. This is so that NG will be up to date with the new, and when the old comes about it'll be as though it's new. Clever, eh? Those albums going up first will be will be:

Defrag - 4 Tracks
You Can't Stop Da Funk - 4 Tracks
Robot Wars - 6 Tracks
Nordland - 10 Tracks
B-Sides - 10 Tracks

Done and done!

New Release: B-Sides!

2011-03-19 00:01:14 by Binaerpilot

Binärpilot's B-Sides is a collection of tracks made in-between albums. All were previously available to 'Superhero' members (those who have contributed to Binärpilot in some way). The tracks will be uploaded here on NG, else you can find them on the Binärpilot website. Track listing is as follows:
- Poky (Fo Rizzle)
- Battlestar II
- Oral 13
- Squeeze
- Ekko Jnks
- Rocket
- Cyborg T-Rex
- Planet Takers
- (My Fans Are) Superheroes

A story is being woven by Alexander Kramer,
Exaro, and CYBORG T-REX (formerly 'koew') over on
Tumblr, and it's coming along nicely. I can't spoil too much, but it was inspired by an idea of Exaro's along with Kramer's recent phase of admirance for steampunk. (This and the black and white 'Draw' feature of the Binärpilot forum turned into the B-sides coverart by Alex Kramer.)

Coverart can be found here, or the alternate coverart is here.